Storage Array Comparison – Architecture

I’m putting together comparison charts for various storage systems so that users, customers, etc can quickly cross reference architecture and feature differences… (Last Updated 9/14/2012)

Architecture Comparison

*Note: If you are a vendor (or anyone else for that matter) who believes I’ve made a mistake anywhere here.  Please let me know, and forward a document that describes the feature, product, etc so I can understand why I was mistaken.

21 thoughts on “Storage Array Comparison – Architecture

  1. Gunner

    What you’re attempting to do here is progressive, I couldn’t find anything else like it on the web. What about the IBM DS8800 with and without SVC front ending it? And this is a great chart for the hardware and architecture but what about a similiar chart for the features and capabilities like: virtualization, tiering, thin provisioning, pooling, etc?

    1. storagesavvy

      Oh, and I do have a work-in-progress chart for software feature/functionality comparisons which I think the real interesting data lies. I’ll start working on that again and see if I can’t get that posted soon.

  2. guest

    great stuff for sharing. thanks. it’s great. hope you could add in HP left to compare also against EqualLogic.

      1. Costorage

        can you realize feature/functionality comparison doc, now ? im very interested.
        Thank a lot

    1. Mahaveer

      I assume sonomee in IBM has already built an x86 AS/400 style application server , if only as a proof of concept, but I think the time isn’t right for this kind of fixed block concept.But I find the idea of a storage platform spread across 100s of servers, each one running a virtual storage appliance with a scale-out filesystem, alongside local computing power running the application workloads to be compelling, and is probably a lot closer to a modern cloud design than the V-MAX concept.

  3. storagesavvy

    I finally updated this one…

    Added IBM DS8800, XIV, V7000, HauweiSymantec, Hitachi HUS
    Deprecated EMC CLARiiON, Hitachi AMS
    Updated the other systems to latest available information

  4. Ed Grigson

    Good post, here’s another vote for the software/feature comparison. I’d also add Netapp. Having been looking at the various startups (Nimble, Nimbus, PureStorage etc) a comparison chart would be just the thing. Happy to help if you’re pushed for time?

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  6. Tejinder Singh

    This is a good details you have put in ….good efforts…
    Can you pls. add Oracle ZFS also…..segregation in entry level and enterprise storage systems along with critical , good to have KPI


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