EMCWorld 2011 Announcements

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After flying into Las Vegas this morning, checking in to the Cosmopolitan Hotel with 2000+ other EMCer’s, and taking the bus to the Venetian, I’m finally settling in a bit.  I watched Pat Gelsinger’s keynote via recorded video on Facebook.com/EMCCorp to get caught up on what I’ve missed so far and there was more in there than I expected.

Buried in the hour long keynote about EMC’s portfolio and how it aligns with Big Data and Cloud Computing were several important announcements.

  1. Atmos 2.0 – Improved Performance, Compatibility with Amazon S3, and a Windows native client called GeoDrive.   Atmos already offered a client for Redhat Linux which joined the Redhat client into the Atmos Cloud for direct access to objects/files.  GeoDrive provides native file access to the Atmos cloud for Windows clients.  This is particularly useful for supporting legacy applications that have not (or cannot) be modified to use the Atmos RESTful API.
  2. Isilon NL108 – The new NearLine nodes contain 108TB of disk space in each node, and this increase in node capacity has similarly increased the maximum filesystem size of an Isilon cluster from 10PB to 15PB (In a SINGLE filesystem..  And yes, that’s PetaBytes).
  3. Project Lightning – PCIe based FLASH caching adapters for Servers.  Intended to work in conjunction with FASTVP to cache data at the server and possibly distributed across servers.
  4. EMC Hadoop (aka Greenplum HD) – EMC supplied and supported Hadoop distribution which can be acquired as software or as an appliance, similar to Greenplum.     

Lot’s more to come.  Chuck Hollis just sat down here so it’s time to socialize..

3 thoughts on “EMCWorld 2011 Announcements

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  3. Rover Ysea

    I had hope that in the EMC World gave the announcement of the 2.5-inch drives for the VMAX. This is a dust has it has with respect to IBM DS800 storage and Hitachi VSP.

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