Say Hello to EMC VNX7500

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I got these pictures from one of my customers who completed install of two new EMC VNX7500 arrays.  It may be hard to tell but each of these systems host 21 x EFD drives and over 500 x SAS drives in a single rack.  Building on EMC’s promise of efficiency, each of these VNX arrays are delivering over 60,000 heavy-write host IOPS while providing 130TB of usable capacity in a single rack, consuming less power than the 4 servers in the neighboring rack.  Combined, these two arrays provide 260TB usable of extremely high performance storage to host many hundreds of production virtual servers.

VNX7500s installed and running


3 thoughts on “Say Hello to EMC VNX7500

    1. storagesavvy

      I’m a technical guy so I don’t have those numbers in front of me but I can tell you this is a pretty large config, even has 32 FC ports on the front end for hosts. The customer evaluated 4 vendors including EMC and chose the VNX for this project due to cost, power, floor space, and performance. I have been told that list prices have been reduced on VNX compared with CX4.. reach out to your local VAR or EMC sales team and they can get you pricing for your specific environment.

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