Much ado about the future.. (of IT)

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The 8:50am Alaska Air flight from Seattle to Boston today may as well have been an EMC chartered flight. Full of my current EMC peers, previous coworkers from my past 12 years in IT, as well as other EMC customers; all of us making the pilgrimage to Boston for EMC World 2010. The five and a half hour flight was both a networking opportunity and a reunion at the same time.

Despite the time away from home while my wife and I prepared for some big life changes, I’m excited to attend my 4th EMC World in 5 years, my first as an employee of EMC. This year promises to be extremely exciting as we make a number of huge announcements during the week, some of which have the potential to change the landscape of information storage and management. As an IT professional for over a decade, I’m a techie at heart and this is really exciting stuff. As a new EMC employee, the position and direction of the company validates many of the reasons I chose to take on this new career path, and with this company.

I plan to provide some commentary on the announcements we make during the week, particularly around virtual storage and the concept of “cloud computing”. I’m not a fan of industry buzzwords and “cloud” is one of the worst offenders but I think it’s important for IT professionals to understand what the vendors really mean when they talk about cloud, and how it affects every day life in IT.

If you are attending EMC World this year, I hope you feel the excitement, and I hope you start to see the bright future we are all headed for.